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I feel like crap :( Ive got a wicked cold, and on Monday I went into the ER with horrible stomach pains. Turns out Ive got gastritis :( Ive not been in pain since then, but holy cow it hurt like hell. worse than kidney stones :(

I finally changed the theme on my journal. I didn't have much to choose from since my paid status ended in Jan, but i found one i can deal with until i get it paid again :) I think if i have the money for when permanant accounts roll around again, i might get one. I hate all the ads and stuff, and also not being able to expand threads. I didn't know that was a paid feature until i lost it :( I also need to change my icon, its quite old, i need to find a newer cuter pic :)

Ive been working quite a lot on crafts and stuffs and ill be posting some pics as soon as i get them on my photobucket :) ive got a lot of really cute stuffs!

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That's terrible! Sometimes I wonder if I have that too?
Have they recommended an colonoscopy?

No, but it wasnt lower stomach pains, it was right under my diaphragm. If the medicine that they gave me doesn't make it go away they will go in with a scope tho, through my mouth.

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